Clayton Herbst

Working towards a better future.

Serving as your Committeeman to rebuild the party and to retake our state.

My name is Clayton Herbst. I am a 21 year-old political staffer, college student, and advocate. I spend my time trying to make my state, country, and world a better place through education, advocacy, and direct action. I am proud to serve the Lake Saint Louis Township as the Committeeman to the St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee and the Student Body President for Lindenwood University.

My Work

I have spent a good part of my young life involved in government, civic engagement, and community service. Look at my active projects, my current roles, and get a sneak-peek into how I spend my days. 


I am honored to have served as the Executive Director to the St. Charles County Democratic Central Committee in 2022, and I am honored to serve as the Township Committeeman to the same representing Lake Saint Louis.